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Virtual Meetings 101

Virtual meetings are all the rage these days. I, myself have been hosting virtual meetings long before 2020. They have helped me connect with clients from New York, the Bahamas and more recently Italy! That said, most of what I know about virtual meetings I've learned from trial and error. This is why I decided to create a guide to help you host successful virtual meetings.

Find Your Technology

Zoom and GoogleMeet are my personal favourites! It's all about function at the end of the day. For my business, it's important to have functions like the record button (for coaching sessions) and screen sharing that's why these two platforms are my favourite. I do find the video quality on Zoom to be better than GoogleMeet.

Test Everything (at least once)

It's technology so go in and be sure your speakers and video work beforehand. It's simple and honestly, once you've done it, it generally always works.

Arrive early

In real life, if I'm meeting a client I always try to arrive 5-10 minutes early, just in case I hit traffic, can't find parking etc.

When prepping for a virtual meeting be sure to arrive a few minutes ahead of time because you can find yourself in situations that might create some delay. For example, once I found myself ready for a virtual meeting and as I was adjusting my computer screen I somehow unplugged my computer, which I don't think I've ever done since I've purchased it! It took its sweet time restarting, and I had to quickly set up for the call. So you never know what could happen - it's always nice to allocate some cushion time.

Dress professionally (even if it's a bit more casual)

At least the half that others are seeing! This makes such a difference in the way you present yourself to the other party. You don't have to be fancy, but it may be a good idea to throw on something other than your booty shorts and a sweatshirt (I say this from experience - not me of course but the other party)!

Life happens

Lastly, remember that life happens, so if you have to hold your baby while attending a meeting that helps build your empire - DO IT! It's also ok if your pet comes running in - after all we are human and live lives outside of work. I don't think these factors should turn anyone off from working with you. If it does - then maybe they weren't the right fit to being with.


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