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To Self-Help or Not to Self-Help

Stop constantly relying on self-help and be confident with your own thoughts. Ok I know this is a hard one to talk about. And don't get me wrong, I love a good self-help book or podcast every now and then, but you have to be careful. Sometimes when you go deep you stop having your own thoughts, realization and reflections and essentially deliver whatever is being downloaded into your system from others.

Every time I read a business-based or personal self-help book I ensure my next book is fictional⁣. And the same goes for podcasts (a business one and then a fun one). I do this because it helps me retain and understand information and then use it to my benefit without constantly having someone else voice in my head. So take time to listen to yourself, stand tall and be confident, have fun, dance to the music and meditate alone, this creates a strong brand for your business and yourself. Trust me.


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