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The Strategy Behind Creating a Brand Colour Palette

A large part of our Brand Development and Visual identity package is creating a custom colour palette that represents who your business is. Colour plays a significant role in your brand experience evoking a mood and enhancing your aesthetics. Choosing the perfect palette takes a strategy and part of this strategy is following the 2+2+1 rule (2 mains, 2 neutrals, 1 accent).

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1️⃣ Two Main Colors: Selecting two primary hues that embody your brand's essence is the foundation of your colour palette. These colours should effectively convey the personality and values of your brand, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

2️⃣ Two Neutrals: Neutrals play a vital role in your colour palette, providing a sense of balance and versatility. These shades act as a backdrop, allowing your main colours to shine brightly. Now it's 2023, neutrals don't have to be black, white and beige, they can be shades of greens, blues and even pink!

3️⃣ One Accent: The accent colour serves as an attention-grabbing element, injecting excitement and directing focus to key aspects of your brand. This carefully chosen hue acts as an exclamation point within your palette.

The effectiveness of this colour palette formula lies in its ability to establish consistency and cohesiveness within your brand's visual identity. By limiting the number of main colours, neutrals, and accents, you create a unified and memorable aesthetic across your various brand elements, including your logo, website, social media, and marketing collateral. This leaves a lasting imprint on your audience and reinforces brand recognition.

Remember, colour holds immense power as it evokes emotions. Your brand colours become a visual representation of your story, values, and personality. Let us help you develop an engaging palette and witness how your brand exudes professionalism and allure!


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