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The right way vs. the first

I was recently working on a website for a client who had an interesting take on a general service. As we brainstormed and created a stunning site, she began to notice more and more people doing something similar. Some of which who had recently launched.

Panic hit, she lost focus and then wanted to rush the launch just because of competition. At this moment, I took the time to meet with her, and discuss her dreams, what makes her service unique in comparison to everyone else and most of all what is her style of doing things. After a quick pow-wow, my client realized herself that rushing this made no sense -- in fact, she could use this information to set herself apart even more.

Life happens, it's important not to let these things cause anxiety, and to focus on what makes your brand strong & unique. I know I've been down the same road, so what I use to do if I wasn't able to chat with anyone was write down what sets me apart and what my style is.

See there are enough clients to go around but someone who hires me hires me for my style, approach and process. I never believe in rushing a launch, there is a reason things take time, and if you're going to do it right - do it right the first time!


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