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The Only Content Hack You Need

Repurpose your content on various platforms.

1. Start with your blog

This is considered long-form content. A blog is where you want to showcase all the details and talk through your expertise. It's also how your call to action (across other platforms) pushes your audience to your website.


When clients tell me they are afraid or don't have time to blog or send newsletters yet do have time for long posts and extensive Reels/TikToks, I always ask them, how is your call to action bringing potential clients to your website? ⁠

Long-form content like blog posts should be where you start, from there pull points to create your social posts and then share them in your newsletter. Pushing everyone back to your blog. ⁠

Why? Because it's the easiest way to get potential clients on your website, where you sell your product/service. ⁠

2. Bring it to social media

Turn your main points (or a preview) into an IG Reel or TikTok. A few days later use the same content to create an IG Carousel Post (or vice versa) and hop on your Stories to give a candid discussion on that post. Don't forget to share links to that blog post on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Those who missed it one way may see it in another setting.

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3. Make it Pin-able

The amazing thing about those Instagram or TikTok posts from above is that they are all Pin-able, so pin them on Pinterest! It's a search engine really and helps

drive a large number of traffic daily.

4. Share it in your Newsletter

A little intro with a button taking them back to that original post sent RIGHT to their inbox. Did you know email marketing is 40x more likely to convert? This is a piece you don't want to forget in your strategy.

⁠Overall you want your main call to action to be your blog so that your audience is on your website (which they are more likely to browse through). And don't worry about sounding like a broken telephone, even if some see all these forms of communication, loyal audience members will indulge, and generally those are the ones who become clients. ⁠


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