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Support Local & Shop Small

With the holidays around the corner and shopping lists growing I wanted to take some time to share with you a few of my favourite small businesses. I've worked with some of them and have tried most of their products and services. As a small business myself and someone who works with many small businesses, I know how difficult this pandemic has been.

Today I'm sharing the love for the sake of sharing the love. This is not an ad and I have not been paid. However, I do strongly believe you should add these amazing businesses to your holiday shopping list.

And remember when you shop small and support local a REAL person does a happy dance!

Home, Fashion & Good Vibes:

Food Lovers Unite:

Hair, Beauty & Femme:

Give the Gift of Investing in Yourself:

Give Back:

(some of these aren't small but they are amazing charities)

Support Local For Free:

Already done your shopping? Or want to do a little more?

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