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Social Proof is part of branding

Social Proof on your website is a must-have. What is social proof? It's a testimony or praise from a client, or vendor you've worked with. This gives insight into why someone should invest with you while letting them know what they can expect. I love to have a section for testimonials whenever I design a website. I like to stick to having no more than 5 recent testimonials here, as many people won't read more than this. That said, ask each and every client for one. It provides you with feedback and is a great piece to add to monthly newsletters, social media, and blog posts. Your testimonials should go beyond the set pages on your website though. Why? Well, simply, some people might not even click to read them but they might end up on one of your blog posts. ⁣Or for those of you with product-based businesses, think about including your testimonials on the actual product pages. This helps push the sale. Want to create a site that elevates your brand? Then call me! I'm happy to chat for free with 0 obligations and walk you through my process.


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