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Scaling up with Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is real, and something I talk to every one of my clients about at some point, regardless of where they are in their journey. It's funny because recently one of them asked me when this feeling will go away - and to be honest, it's a bit more complicated than that.

Personally, when I chat with my entrepreneur friends I find that as you scale your business, your imposter syndrome scales with it. No, I don't mean it grows but it changes and evolves into something new. That said it's important not to allow it to grow.

Something that many of us forget is that we own our Imposter Syndrome and have the capability to control it. Each new goal you hit brings on bigger opportunities, which unfortunately sometimes brings more doubt. However, if you take time to allow yourself to understand that this feeling is normal and separate it from your business you can thrive.

At each new stage remind yourself not to compare your journey to others. Just because that path works for them - doesn't mean you have to take it too. Focus on your service and product and continue to upscale your brand experience. This pushes your business growth verses taking you down a rabbit hole on social media.

Anytime a little bit of that feeling pops up I recommend taking a few minutes to meditate, take deep breaths or journal. This will helps calm you and allows you to envision the separation of business from this feeling that is bringing you down. It also takes you away for a bit which I find helps to gain perspective and understand your worth.

It's important to remember what you provide within your expertise is valuable. Stay true to that as you scale up. This goes for your pricing, product or service. There is a reason you are scaling up - so remember that. Stay true to what has brought you this far and focus on what works.



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