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Rethinking Your Business Strategy

I've been hoping on many interviews via Instagram Live and the most popular question I get asked regardless of industry is "Where should I focus my business practice in this current situation with Covid-19?"

Here is my guide to navigating your business strategy during uncertain times.

1. Switch off Hustle Mode

First things first, check-in with yourself. Even if you usually work from home, the environment around us has drastically changed, so ensure you do a mental health check-in every now and then and don't feel guilty if you need rest.

As entrepreneurs, many of us are always in hustle mode but we have to realize that the world is different. What we did in one day, may take us two and that's ok. Although we may not be listening to the news 24-7 our mind does feel the stress around us which can impact our workflow and creativity.

I'm a do-er so for me this is a challenge too. I feel unproductive even though I accomplish 5 tasks because usually, I would do 10. This is not something I can easily switch off. So what I've done is create a weekly plan in which I clearly state all my goals. Then I add one goal to each day. As long as I can accomplish that one task to it's fullest, I know I'm moving closer to my goals.

Looking at things this way has really helped me not feel guilty and get things done in order to achieve my weekly/monthly/yearly goals!

2. It's time to PLAN your Digital & Brand Strategy

Take this as an opportunity to plan valuable content! This is the perfect time to work on your branding and digital marketing strategy. Take a look at your content calendar - and fill it up. Generally, I plan content a week in advance however during this time, I'm planning about 2-3 weeks in advance. This isn't just social media, but blog content as well!

Now if you are someone who is just starting out, or feel your branding needs a makeover - right now is also the best time work on your brand strategy. Take a look at what you're doing and how you can take it to the next level.

Perhaps it means a new logo or website? Make a list and start chatting with brand strategists like myself! ;)

3. Batch Work Content

This is such a great time to batch work. For me, this looks like filming and editing more IGTV videos and writing blog posts. I book off days to get in the zone and only focus on batch work content.

For my IGTV videos, I'll do my hair and makeup and then switch outfits to record 2-3 videos!

My blogs generally take a lot of time, so I sit down, look at what content I want to share, and write up about 2 posts within one business day.

When I use to take my own photos, I would try to see when natural light was available and batch work some flat-lays as well. Which is wonderful to build your media library.

4. Build Your Community Online

You may have heard me say this before - but right now is not the time to shy away from social media. In fact, we are online now more than ever. Look for ways to connect with your community.

This could mean planning an Instagram/Facebook Live with someone you've always wanted to collaborate with or reaching out to your community via Instagram Stories (polls, questions etc.) or connecting with them over your newsletter.

We have a craving for a community in isolation, so why not build it around your following.

5. Work on Your Business

How many times in the past did you think... I would love to work on that if only I had more time. Well, now you do, so what are you waiting for?

Make a list of all the things you wanted to do, and then see what you can tackle. Perhaps it means looking into starting your podcast or creating a course or working on new freebies. Whatever it is choose one major goal and break it down. What do you need to in order to make it happen?

By breaking it down you create 1-3 daily tasks that will bring you closer to making this dream come true.

BONUS: This is the perfect time to take your business online. E-commerce is proving now more than ever it's importance. So - build an online shop, course, or even look into advertising and campaign strategy! All of which you can do right here with us!


There you have it - my list on building your business strategy during these crazy time. Stay safe!


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