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Make your 2019 Goals a Reality

Happy New Year everyone! I really hope 2019 brings you everything you deserve and more. With that positivity in mind let's start the year with something I want you to do right now. After you read this post, put down your phone grab a notebook, or piece of paper, and follow these steps. 1. Write down 5-10 goals you accomplished in 2018⠀ 2. Then write 5-10 goals you want to make happen in 2019. ⠀ 3. Lastly, write 3 ways you're going to make it happen.

How does this help? 1. You reflect on something positive for last year which puts your brain in the right state of mind. ⠀ 2. You write your heart out on what your wants are - which makes you crave them more and keeps them locked in the back of your mind (ever notice how writing things makes it happen!?) ⠀ 3. You build an action plan on how it's going to happen. Now, this tip isn't for entrepreneurs only - it's for everyone, even kids! Make it a family activity and watch your year turn into exactly what you want it to be!


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