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It's time to show your face of Instagram!

Show your face. Stop hiding! In today's world, your business is about you! You are the face of your brand, and your personality weighs a great ton on your brand's personality. That's why you shouldn't try and be something you're not. It's important to talk about your story because everyone wants to get to know you before they invest in your product or service.

Ok, so you've done your photoshoot, love the photos and now what? What do people even want to know? I struggled with this too, so here are the top 3 questions I ask myself prior to posting. 1. What is my story? 2. Why am I doing this business? 3. What is the experience I want to create? When you think about these three questions you automatically start to see a shift in what you want to share with the public. For example, I'm all about empowering my clients and women from around the globe, so that said, I want to motivate, and cheer people on. Recently in effect to that, I shared things I'm grateful for. This encourages conversation and gets my message out there while telling my followers a bit about me. Still confused? Hop on a call with me then, and let's talk about your digital strategy!


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