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Invest in branding - all of it.

Ready to watch your brand soar? Something I get asked often is - which part of branding can I skip. Simple answer - none of it!

We live in a visual society so these days it's harder to get by with mediocre branding. Think about it - before businesses would require a storefront - a place where your clients could get to know you and what you offer, as well as your aesthetic before they hired you - or even talked to you. Today your storefront is branding both on and offline. That said you don't have to do everything at once. In fact, taking your time helps build a stronger brand. I always say - it's better to do it right than do it fast. Just know these are steps to building success and attracting new clients - you're not throwing your money away rather investing in your future. I tell many of my clients who are just starting out to focus on the foundation pieces. Which include your:

1. Visual identity and brand personality ⁣- this is one of the key pieces to building a great brand impression. It not only provides you with a logo that is unique to you, but also sets your brand colours, typefaces, as well as builds a personality & voice. This is the first and most important step if you ask me. A visual identity is not something you are going to change everyday. It's a pillar to your brand and stays consistent throughout time. You want to work with someone who is providing value to your logo, giving you something that not only stands out but also isn't generic.

2. Website ⁣- I don't care how huge social media gets, YOU NEED A WEBSITE. You don't own social but you do own this beauty and it truly speaks volumes to your business. How many times have you judge a hotel prior to booking it on it's website? Right! This is where you get those invested people from social media on to a platform where you can explain your business and what you provide even further.

3. A business card - even if you have an online business this is needed. I go to many events around the city, heck even if it's not networking I tend to talk up my business. For example, the other day I was trying out a new salon, and the stylist asked what I did. Later I found out she is planning on starting her own businesses. Or let's talk about that time I was at a friends wedding and landed a client. See these people could have found my IG page, and followed me but I might have been lost amongst all their following. Instead by handing them a business card I gave them something tangible - they can tuck away and then probably throw away after they have contacted me once. It's still so important to have.

⁣4. A digital marketing strategy that focuses on building in and outside of your social media platforms. Need I say more? Your social has to work for you. So work with someone who is building a strategy outside of social media as well because that's what gets your bottom line to increase.

These are the four pillars that will keep your brand present, and noticeable to your niche.⁣ Ready to make your brand soar? Let's fly together! Did you know I cover all four in my foundation package. Let's talk and book you in today.


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