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IG vs. Reality.

What's the difference? Well, it's simple. This account profile is carefully curated using a digital marketing strategy that works for me, my followers and my clients. It's how I provide on-going value. That said, it's 100% authentically me - even when it's curated. But it's not to say, I sit around with a team of MUAHs getting me ready each day.

When I'm designing, developing and creating, I need to be comfortable. That's why when you see me on IG Stories, I'm not as fabulous as I am in my curated profile! Both versions are the same woman and make me who I am. I can be be glamourous or in a concert t with a top knot bun... because that's what truly resonates with so many people. The realness!

If you're struggling with the word "authentic" then think to yourself, who are you? And who do you want the world to see? I realised I can be more than what the marketers of beauty want me to be. Which is my everyday so why not share it with you! Be confident that your tribe will accept you for you. I know I already do.


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