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How to Increase Productivity

The most productive day of the week for me is Wednesday. What makes Wednesdays so special? Well, it all starts with my morning routine. I rise at 5:30 am, dedicating a big chunk of this time to meditation and practicing yoga until 7:30 am. It may sound a bit unconventional, but I embrace the quietness, solitude and darkness of the early hours. By basking in the gentle morning sunlight, and prioritizing self-care, I set the stage for a remarkable day.⁠

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Now, you'd think that waking up at the crack of dawn would leave me feeling sluggish, desperately in need of a mid-day siesta or an extra caffeine fix. But that’s not the case at all! On Wednesdays, I become an unstoppable productivity powerhouse. I'm filled to the brim with energy, ready to conquer the challenges of both my business and motherhood. Sometimes, I even forget about my usual coffee fix! Can you believe it?!⁠

This experience is a testament to the concept of filling your cup first. I firmly believe that taking care of yourself directly impacts your overall success. When you aren't feeling your best, it becomes difficult to give your best to anything else in life. ⁠

Before becoming a mother, I used to savour mornings like this on a regular basis. A few months ago, I decided to reintroduce this routine on Wednesdays, allowing myself dedicated "me" time. Gradually, I have been striving to make this a daily practice. Of course, there are occasional bumps along the way—some weeks I struggle to wake up early, while others it's a breeze. However, my ultimate goal is to reinstate my routine fully, enabling me to recharge my energy every single day. It might not always look like 5 am, it might not always be yoga + meditation, and I might need an extra coffee some days. What’s important is that allow this daily ritual to happen, because when I gift myself this precious time, I offer everyone the absolute best version of me. The ROI becomes evident not only in my bottom line but also in the relationships I've cultivated.⁠

Why not give it a try?


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