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How to find your Community...

I cannot emphasize how important it is to find your community. They may not look like you, act like you, or do what you do, but they should have one thing in common....they are always your cheerleaders.

Whether it's that extra bit of motivation or sound advice on how I can advance my goals, my community is always around me, making me a better human, and business owner. They understand me as no one else does and that's what makes them special.

But how do you find your community? This wasn't something that happened overnight. Building my community continues to happen today. That said, here are some tip to creating your community:

  1. Be open. We sometimes have misconceptions of how our community should look or feel. It could be as simple as women in the same age group as you, but honestly, we all learn at different rates. My community has women (and some men) from all walks of life at various different ages. This diversity helps bring in a fresh perspective, which you can use to your advantage. The main key is to have a group of likeminded people.

  2. Know you're worth it. Remember Mindy Kaling's first book title? Well, it was " Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And other concerns)" which is honestly how I've felt most of my life. Point is it took a lot for me to realize, that I was worth hanging out it. People wanted me in their community. But I couldn't be a part of this until I started believing in the value I bring to the table!

  3. Put yourself out there. Sign up for a newsletter, join a club or even just slide into someone's DMs on IG, but you have to step outside for people to know who you are. A little effort can go a long way!

Pictured here are just some of the extraordinary women of my community. But so many others are missing. Today, I want to celebrate them all, for always giving me a dose of exactly what I need at the right time.


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