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How to Create Brand Experience on Instagram

Instagram is an incredible tool to build your business. It's the first interaction in many ways (especially now) with your dream clients. We all know the importance of a first impression, so how do we leave a memorable one? Keep these three winning concepts in mind!

Instagram for your business

1. Colours + Font Palettes

Having a set colour and font palette is so important when it comes to branding both on and offline. That's why when you work with us there is no singular logo design service; it's brand development with visual identity and logo design. A large part of your brand experience is set by the colours and font palettes you choose. It's important to not take this lightly and really understand your brand palettes before having too much fun on Canva.

Why? Well, colours and fonts when used consistently work to make your brand easy to recognize. We have less than 12 seconds to catch someone's attention on Instagram, and having consistent palettes really helps create a recognizable brand.

2. Visual Experience

Instagram is all about the visual experience and in this new world, it's your storefront (especially if you're only online). People can easily window shop - so you really want to share what your products and services can do for them. Because there is such a strong focus on visuals we highly recommend that you invest in photos. This can be through a stock service, investing in gadgets that help you take better photos yourself, or hiring a brand photographer. For our brand, we like to do a mix of everything depending on which outlet we are posting on within Instagram.

For our feed, we like to stick to professional images or styled stock. For IGTV, and IG Stories we use gadgets and an array of apps to help us showcase our content in the best possible light while staying on brand.

3. Set The Tone

Who is your brand? Do they speak in the first person? Are they bubbly, funny, or inspirational? Set a tone with the language you use and stick to it. Reels, Stories, Feeds or IGTV - your language matters. If you're a fun brand - then having a formal tone on video or in your captions isn't going to help you attract your dream clients. Really think about your market and how they want to be addressed online.



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