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How I ended up here

People always ask me how I ended up here. Well, after working for 10 years in the corporate world, starting in events at First Canadian Place, then off to The Dominion Insurance I jumped around a couple PR firms and landing safely in the education sector, with the Canadian Chiropractic Collage, all while running my side hustle, Vibrance Designs. I had really high highs and really low lows during these years. I knew I wasn't made for that world, and always craved for something of my own. But society convinced me to stay put and stable - because that's what we're suppose to do as adults right?! It just never sat well for me.

Then one day, I decided it was time. I knew I loved branding for all these big companies, but I wanted to more. I wanted to give entrepreneurs and dreamer the tools they needed to succeed.

I took the plunge October 4, 2016, quit the 9-5 life to create the branding agency of my dreams - Roop Creative Agency! Now it wasn't always rainbows and butterflies, it took a lot of tears, sweat and late nights but I've known this was my destiny for a very long time. With Roop, it's about empowering my clients and giving them the tools they need to succeed. That's why I love what I do, I give the people I work with fuel for their passion and ensure the brand is one that stands out. I honestly can't see myself doing anything else.


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