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Having it all

Having it all seems to be a conversation I've heard for years. I remember reading articles from CEOs, women in entertainment and power about how they struggle to have it all.

When I was younger I truly believed that I couldn't have it all. That this was a dream - and it would be impossible. Growing up I would see movies or shows where women would have to choose their careers or family, and in the end, one would suffer. And this notion continued right up until my first job where I saw someone in management struggle with their family life and building their career.

As a woman that had crazy big dreams, this was hard.

Yes, I wanted to have a career and leave a legacy but I also wanted love, a husband and kids. I wanted to have it all. And why not? Don't men have it all? Why is this just a conversation for women to have?

Then this happened...

"I can have it all - just not all at the same time" - Oprah

For the first time realized I could have it all. I could have a family and an amazing career. I didn't have to choose one or the other. And today this quote means even more to me as a business owner. I know some days my business takes a bit more and others my personal life, but I'm not choosing one over the other, I'm just choosing at that moment based on who and what needs my attention most.

Having it all isn't about juggling but rather finding the perfect balance for you.

Most importantly - having it all doesn't have to look like anyone else life. Why do we have "rules" on what having it all means? Why can't it mean whatever it means to us? When you start thinking like this you realize that you always had the ability have it all it was just a matter of figuring out a formula that works best for you. It's not simple but I promise once you know - you'll enjoy every moment of having it all.


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