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Finding your Niche

Puja Malhotra Roop Creative Agency Branding Boutique

Who is my niche client? I was asked this the other day and I didn't quite know how to answer. I find that people are always searching for a specific industry, brand or business style when in my case it can really alter. Being the owner of a branding boutique, I immerse myself into my client's business to become their voice. That's my job. This can vary from a mid-size business that caters to architects to someone who's just starting out as a wellness coach.

And that is ok. It's ok for your niche to be a bit more vague than others. Heck, it works for me. I don't just cater to one industry because I know I can do more and help more people with branding this way. I mean my goal at the end of the day is create more beautiful brands with a cohesive feel, so why would I stop in one industry? Now that said, my business does attract a certain type of entrepreneur. Regardless of the size business or industry, they are in, my primary clients tend to be women, who are engaged and ready to build and expand their empires. Even my male clients, have somehow found me through the women in their lives. Which I'm ok with. Because this helps be decide who I'm catering to on social media and my own advertising. For me my clients are entrepreneurs who are ready to take action and make their dream come true! Who aren't sitting around waiting for life to happen but rather ready to push start and create happiness at home and work. Sound vague? Well not to me because I know exactly who these people are!

I hope this helps you find your niche today.


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