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Feminist: A Poem for International Women's Day

I am a feminist.

I don't burn my bra.

I do shave my legs.

I can be sexy, I can be smart, I can be girly, I can be brave.

I was raised by a feminist. I called her my grandmother.

I don't think she knew she was a feminist.

But she never cried at the birth of another female.

She celebrated it.

And in my community this was different.

This was strange.

This was her protest.

I was raised by a feminist. I call him daddy.

I don't think he knows he is a feminist.

But he stands by me, no matter what my dreams are.

He says I can be anything I wish to be.

He tells me there are men out there who think that women are truly as powerful as the Hindu Goddesses they pray to.

I was raised by a feminist. I call her mumma.

I don't think she knows she is a feminist.

But she taught me how to be one.

She told me not to let their words hurt me, and to let my success be their answer.

To show them through action.

She teaches me the power of love and how it can outshine any hate in any situation.

I surround myself with feminists. I call them my sisters.

They know they are feminists.

Because we support each other.

I married a feminist.

And he knows he is a feminist.

Because he says equality can be a reality.

I am a feminist and one day I will raise feminists.


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