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Digital Strategy with me

One of my best-selling services is our Digital Marketing Strategy and Audit. This was not a service I initially had but after listening to my client's needs I brought it in and have never looked back. Isn't it amazing how your clients can truly build your services?

This package has it all and is known to show you significant results within 3 months of following it. I've seen several of my clients grow not only on Instagram, but other platforms as well as build out a strategy that looks at profit - not followers.

So what does it include? ⁠⠀

1. Multi-platform audit to narrow in on the social media platforms you should be running campaigns on⁠⠀

2. Tells you how often you should be posting

3. Provides art direction for Instagram and Pinterest

4. Creates a brand personality for you online

5. Assists in understanding what to say in your captions to get the most bang for your buck⁠⠀ ... and more! Yes, I said MORE!

This is a document that lays it all out there and when followed correctly, it can elevate your social media game. ⁠The key is following it and honestly it's not that hard. Yes, it's a lot to go through but the best part is the education session at the end. This way you get to ask me questions and make the most of your strategy. ⁠What are you waiting for? If you're ready to be a gamechanger in your industry then book in a complimentary consultation and let's get started!


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