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Defining Your Ideal Client Without Tunnel Vision

ideal client, niche marketing, niche audience

It may be an unpopular opinion but I really don't think it's necessary for you to pigeonhole yourself into a specific niche. Instead, consider targeting a particular lifestyle or mindset that resonates with your brand.

I recently had a conversation with a client who was struggling to identify the ideal audience. She was perplexed because her clients came from diverse backgrounds, with varying life experiences. Narrowing down a specific niche seemed impossible.

I've never been an advocate for the traditional idea of a niche target audience. For me, it's always been about connecting with a certain mindset. Yes, I cater my marketing strategy to women, but they all hail from different industries, boast unique preferences, span various age groups, and have distinct levels of experience. Some adore pink, while others detest it. Despite these differences, they all share a core set of characteristics:

  • Determination to Grow: They are driven to expand their businesses.

  • Action-Oriented: They are doers, not just dreamers.

  • Respect for Expertise: They value and invest in experts.

  • Embracing Collaboration: They believe in collaboration over competition.

  • Ethical Community Building: They aspire to build and be part of an inclusive and ethical community.

  • Authenticity and Empowerment: They are ready to show up authentically and empower others through their services.

This type of woman is what inspires my work and creativity. These women may share similar values, but they don't need to have identical preferences, be in the same age group or industry. It's time to rethink the traditional concept of a niche audience and instead focus on who you want to attract. Embrace diversity within your ideal client profile and watch your brand flourish in unique and unexpected ways.


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