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Choosing Your Brand Colours

Choosing your brand colours can be tricky. Sometimes I have clients who know exactly what they want, they are clear and easy to read, while in other cases I have to explore a little further.

There are a few tricks to choosing your brand colours that I like to play with when I have an unsure client. Since you are the face of your brand many times the colours can actually come from you. Here's how I tell what colours will work best. 1. A lot of it has to do with your persona - I can dictate many times what styles and shades you'll be into just by the way you carry yourself. Not sure how to check this? Ask yourself, if your brand was a vacation where would it be? This helps guide you. 2. Check your closet - you'll start to notice you're attracted to certain colours that appear over and over again. 3. Explore your environment - like your closet you'll begin to notice that certain colour keep creeping their way into your life. Open your mind to all objects and take swatches from around your home allowing them to show you their true shades! Isn't it crazy how a picture is being painted in your mind now? You have a base to work with which you can later share with me when it's time to brand your business. What are you waiting for? Book your complimentary consultation today!


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