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Choosing the perfect agenda

Those of you who follow me know I'm crazy obsessed with organization. Sometimes a little too much - or so my sisters like to say. The thing is when you're managing two businesses, multiple clients with various needs, a husband, and a life, you have to be organised!

That's why every year I take time to choose the perfect agenda. I love going to Chapters, or even Homesense to get one. This year I found the perfect one at Homesense when I wasn't even looking. I love that there is a motivational quote and honestly am obsessed with this blue shade.

The best part, this agenda already has a section for my monthly goals, monthly to-do's and reminders. It's a great way to flip the page and start fresh every month! Plus it has various motivational quotes and positive messages throughout.

I also love that each week has a section for three goals/reminders. This helps me break down my monthly goals into weekly to-do's to get there.

I take finding a new agenda seriously. This is my favourite gift to myself. It's always on me and it's why I can proudly say, I always keep all branding on track and ensure I meet client expectations, while still having a life of my own.


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