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Jewels of Jashan: Brand Development & Visual Identity

When my childhood best friend called me up to tell me she was interested in starting her own jewelry business, I was beyond excited. Sharon Sahota has always had an eye for fashion, especially when it comes to South Asian finds.

The mission of Jewels of Jashan is simple, to represent beauty, confidence and empowerment while paying homage to Punjabi, Indian traditions. For Sharon, this is a part of her legacy that she is building with and for her daughter.

Even though we grew up together, there is something about the branding process that brings out parts of your business's persona that are important for me to find. It's not just about knowing the person behind the brand but who you want the brand to be as well. Sharon went through the entire process, like anyone else, from a brand interview to the 60-minute consultation and beyond.

Although she isn't ready for an e-commerce site just yet, she wanted to build the foundation of her business with branding to set herself up for the future; whether it's collateral or marketing her social media pages. Jewels of Jashan is named after her firstborn, and this fierce mini-version of Sharon had a lot to say about the branding as well. Sharon wanted her daughter to be involved - even though she is very young and doesn't quite understand the business world just yet, it was important for both of us to empower her to make decisions and get involved (to give you some perspective she's under 10, but it's never too soon).

We started with 3 varying concepts and quickly settled on a sleek logo, that is bold and fierce while still feminine in nature. For our colour palette, we brought forth traditional bridals reds, dusty pink neutrals, and terracotta tributes. For the font palettes, we wanted to provide something that flows, has energy, elegance and an air of luxury to them. Mixing together these styles, allowed us to build an unforgettable brand for Jewels of Jashan.

Sharon's branding experience in her words:

I contacted Puja from Roop Creative Agency regarding brand development and visual identity creation. From the first conversation to the last, I was not only inspired but so deeply educated, guided and empowered, every step of the way.

Puja took a mere ambition of mine and elevated it to a powerful vision that I could not wait to bring to life. Her skill and talent are like no other in the industry and I am beyond grateful for this experience.

Launching “Jewels of Jashan” through Roop Creative Agency exceeded all expectations and was the best choice I could have ever made. I cannot thank you enough Puja. I am forever grateful for everything you have done and you will forever be a key pillar in the creation of “Jewels of Jashan”.


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