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Always have a call to action.

If you've ever attended my Branding for Instagram seminar you know I highly encourage everyone to always have a call to action when posting on IG.

Now a call to action doesn't have to be business related only, it can be as simple as telling me to double tap to show some love, or leave a comment below. The call to action is important to your followers who are reading your caption because this is your opportunity to interact with them directly. If you don't tell them what you're expecting then they will just read and keep scrolling. IG is an introduction platform that builds your relationship with followers to in order to gain interactions you must communicate and tell your followers what to do. It's like if you were to meet someone and then you put out your hand for a handshake. Want to know more about the call to actions? Sign up for your FREE monthly newsletter and we will take a deeper dive and share some amazing call to actions you can use on an everyday post.


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