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A letter to my younger self...

Dear younger self, stop doubting yourself, stop caring what others think and stop putting yourself down.

I get that you're scared, and hey your 20s are where you're supposed to make all your dreams come true right? Wrong. Take this time to learn, because everything that kind of sucks right now is actually going to help you build your empire one day. Each day is a lesson, that will help you flourish.

You are a beautiful, strong and an intelligent soul, remember that, regardless of what some might say or how they might make you feel. There are exciting people you will meet in the years to come that will mould you into a powerhouse. Focus on them. Focus on the people who are your cheerleaders, trust me. They know what they are talking about. And most of all, trust yourself because that voice inside of you is right. One day you will have everything you're asking for and will truly appreciate it. Life will begin to make sense and even the bad days will be worth it. So go on with your head held high, speak your truth and don't be afraid to ask questions. Because if they doubt you then really don't know what they are missing out on.

Have you ever written your younger self a letter? After this #10yearchallenge - it had me thinking what would I say to my younger self?! Trust me this is empowering and reminds me of the path I've taken and how much I should appreciate now. So what are you waiting for write that letter and double tap to show me some love.


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