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3 Ways To Intrigue Your Mailing List

You're finally taking the steps to build a newsletter. Plus you have a mailing list that is growing, but now what? Today I'm sharing ways in which you can continue to intrigue your mailing list and grow that open/click rate.

A Catchy Subject Line

First things first - you want to ensure you have a subject line that is catchy and clickable. Although this may seem like a small piece of your newsletter - it's definitely not insignificant. Personalizing and adjusting the subject line as if you're speaking to one individual and not your entire mailing list can determine if your email gets sent to the trash or is opened.

Here are some examples of catchy and clickable subject lines:

  1. How to [insert tip]...

  2. [Insert Name] can I tell you about ...

  3. I've been there [insert pain point]

  4. Open me to win!

  5. FREE [insert subject] tips

  6. Your guide to [insert subject]...

  7. My secret to [insert subject]...

  8. Your Business Needs This

  9. Why Does [insert subject] Keep Happening?

  10. [Insert Name], this is our little secret...

Clickable Links Early On

You want to ensure your newsletter is not only personal but has a call to action that takes them back to your website. These links should be placed early on, preferably before the scroll or immediately following a story. By doing so you're building a full marketing circle - which is ideal. The point of digital marketing is to lead the audience back to your website where they can find information about your services and more.

Make It Visually Pleasing

Many times I see people focusing only on the visuals of their social media campaigns but let's face it - digital marketing is about your mailing list too. If it doesn't look good it probably won't get the results you're looking for.

Think of your newsletter as a magazine article for your brand. Don't be afraid to add images, backgrounds and a style that follows your branding. It can still look like a simple email but trust me adding a little extra touch goes a long way in getting that click!



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