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3 Steps To Manifesting Your Goals

I'm a strong believer in manifesting your goals. Whether it's personal or business I know the minute I take these steps my goals feel more attainable - plus, I have proof that it works! Anytime I put out a goal in the universe, my path somehow finds me - it may not be the one I had planned but it somehow always works out.

Here are my steps to manifesting my goals:

  1. Journalling. I'm not really strict with how often you should manifest your goals but try to do it at least once a month in a journal. Write down what you want and be specific leaving no loopholes behind!

  2. Yearly Vision Boards. Create one that is functional and flows with life, allow it to update and edit as you go through your year. The key though for an incredible vision board is to list your goals and add images that help boost them!

  3. Daily Affirmations. The way you speak to yourself really sets the tone for your mindset. Take time to tell yourself what you need to hear - keep it positive and light. This allows you to set up your day for success!


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