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Why I Never Let Go Of My Design Process

Whether it's brand development or website design or brand strategy, I never change my process for anyone.

Let's start with a story...

About four years ago I was approached by an influencer to create her website. I was excited to work with her. The project was unique and embodied what I stood for with empowerment. I explained my process and the investment in full. She understood the time it would take to bring her vision to life. Then I didn't hear from her for months. I followed up a few times with no reply. She ghosted me. Which is never a nice feeling.

Then one Friday afternoon I received a phone call asking if I could complete the same project in 48 hours and provide a 25% discount given the exposure she would provide.

I declined.

Why this was a red flag?

Plain and simple, she didn't respect my time or process, nor did she value my expertise.

Yes, I have the skill set to push our website over a weekend but it was;t worth my time. Not to mention the ghosting didn't sit well with me, nor did the idea of paying my bills with exposure.

Why my process is important?

My process has been set after careful consideration of what works and doesn't work. These steps are here with reason and why I've helped so many entrepreneurs and influencers achieve their vision.

A rush job is never clean. My process allows me to give 100% attention to each and every detail ensuring your design meets your needs, is functional, sustainable and beautiful.

My process also allows you to take in the design. Understand it. See what you like and dislike, and provide feedback so that we can achieve your vision. Skiling steps never work.

Letting go of my process meant:

  • No creative styling, research and brainstorming

  • Not understanding the business or brand's true needs

  • Taking on longer feedback segments because the foundation of the vision hasn't been given the time it needs to set

  • Rushing to get it done and not giving it my 100%

  • Not valuing my time, art, expertise and mental health

Have I ever regretted missing this opportunity?

Not once. I knew this was the right decision for my mental health. Yes, working with an influencer brings its own set of advantages, but it needs to properly align with your brand. In this case, she didn't and that's ok. I wish her nothing but the best and know she found someone who fits her needs. As for me, I've had so many amazing clients since then and each of them values my process, my work and my time.


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