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Why I Invested in the Blue Checkmark on Instagram

Purchasing the blue checkmark for my account was a decision I made without hesitation. I'm all about organic growth (that's how I built my business), but I can't deny the return on investment I've seen with social media ads. So, why not view this in a similar light?

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What is Meta-Verfied?
If you missed the announcement, Meta-Verified is a new subscription bundle that offers Instagram users a certified badge or that coveted blue checkmark.

So, why did I decide to take the plunge?

  1. Enhanced Verification and Account Protection: There's nothing worse than someone using your photos to create a fake account and deceive others. Unfortunately, I've experienced this several times since I started my business page back in 2016. With enhanced verification, the process requires me to provide a government-issued ID to claim ownership of my page. This not only protects my account but also adds an extra layer of trust and authenticity to my brand.

  2. Customer Support: As a business owner, having access to reliable customer support is a game-changer. I value programs and platforms that prioritize this aspect. Being able to chat, submit a ticket, and receive prompt and helpful responses is worth the investment for me.

  3. Exclusive Opportunities: If these exclusives help me expand my visibility and connect with my ideal clients, I'm willing to give them a try. After all, it's about leveraging the features that come with the subscription to enhance my business's growth.

I understand the hesitation and skepticism around this move. However, if you approach it as a business marketing app rather than just a social media platform, it starts to make sense. Investing in the blue checkmark is about unlocking additional features and protection, similar to the subscriptions we already pay for with various software we use in our businesses.


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