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Tips for Introvert Bosses

Being an introvert and owning your own business, or having a public persona can sometimes be difficult. People have certain expectations but don't realize you too can have an on and off switch. It's never easy, but today I'm going to share some things I do managing being an introvert.

1. Meditation - this one is HUGE. Whenever I skip this I know I'm going to have a horrible day. I know there is a lot going on in life, and it's hard to set aside time for this but the thing is you have to MAKE time. I meditate for at least 10-20 mins every morning. If this means I have to wake up earlier to make time - so be it. Start with 5 mins and slowly you'll see you'll want it to last longer. And if you don't believe me, then try one of @bexlife's 4 min guided meditations - it will change your life! 2. Walks - sometimes while designing I'll get up and go for walks. If it's a nice day I try my very best to go outside but on gloomy days I say indoors and walk around the main floor away from my office. This helps me clean out my brain focus elsewhere and recharge! 3. Naps/Rest - need I say more? A quick 15 min power nap can really boost your energy. I don't do this often, only on days I feel super drained which pretty rare, but it does help boost you. Don't go over 30 mins because then you'll just feel sluggish. 4. Distract my brain - especially before speaking events where I know I'll be there for 5 hours, mingling, and presenting I take at least a few hours before to distract my brain, I read a book, or watch @netflix. This not only relaxes you but distracts your nerves. 5. Exercise - there is no better feeling than leaving everything behind and going to a yoga class or zumba or even weightlifting!


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