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The Night Before My Brand Photoshoot

Ah, the night before a brand photoshoot. I remember being nervous about photoshoots in the past, but this time felt different. ⁠

It had been 3 years since my last photoshoot. I usually do one every other year, but it got lost between the pandemic, the stress of fertility treatments, pregnancy and moving spaces.

I welcomed 2023 with a MUCH anticipated one. But no one could prepare me for the nerves...oh man, the nerves. My body is different post-baby, my space is still coming together and I'm now responsible for a tiny human while coordinating everything else. I just wanted it all to work out. I prayed everything would run smoothly. I just needed to get there. This stress added up and made me feel anxious. I knew stepping in front of the camera for all these reasons and more was going to be hard.

How did I get over it? To be honest and transparent, I don't think anything helped other than jumping right in and ripping off the bandaid. The feelings of self-doubt just stuck there until that first click. Sometimes there is no prep work, affirmation or meditation that can make you feel comfortable stepping outside of your comfort zone. I was nervous until I dove in. That's when I took a deep breath and trusted the process and the professional I was working with. The rest is history. Turns out a pretty good-looking history.


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