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The Importance of White Space

White Space aka negative space aka empty space is very important when it comes to your visual identity - which includes both your online and offline presentation of your brand.

Whether it's a post on IG or a flyer or even your website, white space can be a game-changer. Now you don't have to love minimalistic styles to use white space to benefit your brand. If your attitude is "more is more" we can still find ways to make white space work for you!

So what exactly is white space?

White space is an area in which there is no object or shape. So basically... it's some blank space.

Does white space have to be white?

Absolutely not! White space can be any colour of the rainbow, as long as it's blank.

Why do you need it?

Several reasons, but the most important one is that white space draws attention and pulls the viewer's eyes into a certain spot. This can encourage people to view your call to action, subconsciously.

It creates a focal point with a flow which makes the viewers eye calm, and want to travel the document, website, or post. Keeping their attention longer!

Alongside that, it highlights content by making it easier to read and understandable.

Last but certainly not least, white space is known to increase interactions too. When viewers aren't distracted they are more likely to interact with you. Whereas when you cover every corner of space - they may feel overwhelmed and anxious - which will lead them to click or swipe away faster.

The best way to add white space

Now creating white space isn't as easy as it looks - in fact, it's one of the many reasons I think designers should be hired as we are trained to know where to place white space for the best potential results.

That said, you can't always hire a designer for everything. So here's an extra tip. When creating, place all your ideas on your canvas, design your heart out.

Then walk away.

Stay away for at least and half hour and revisit your creation- is there unnecessary content that you could live without? Take it away. Watch to see how your eye travels - is it taking you to the call to action or distracting you to unnecessary content? Just like you edit a word document - edit your design!


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