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The importance of being consistent with social media

Be consistent with your online marketing. Sometimes we get so engrossed getting content we forget to build consistency. This is the key to creating engagement and getting clients in the door. It seems overwhelming but can, in fact, be easy - all you need is a plan! First, start with a plan for at least 5 posts a week (I like to post less on weekends). This allows your viewers to see your brand consistently show up with new content. Next, think about the way you look online. Ensure your brand colours are always making it into your photos. This will give you that cohesive profile that people are more likely to scroll through. Lastly, make sure your caption matches your brand personality. It may feel like no one is reading the caption - so why put the effort in - but here is where you're wrong. Engaged viewers care about your caption, hey you're reading this now aren't you?

These steps help the viewer create a brand experience, and give your brand a look that defines you at a glance. Want to learn more? Sign up for The Roop Newsletter and get a more in-depth look into this tip and more.


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