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Taking a vacation

It's ok to be out of the office! As business owners and entrepreneurs, you're still allowed to take time off and enjoy a vacation. I know when I first started this would give me anxiety - what are my clients going to think? How will I manage the time off? What if they leave me? None of this is true though.

I realized I had to let go of this thought and learn to enjoy my life too. After all, isn't creating your own schedule one of the perks of owning your own business? Don't get me wrong I still get a bit stressed before leaving for anywhere but that said I am very transparent with my clients and honestly the response has been nothing but positivity. I'm only human and like my clients, I need time off to recharge in order to give them 100%. To ease my mind, I also plan everything out based on my time away at least a month in advance. This helps me ensure all deadlines are met and I'm not thinking about work on my vacation either. So go ahead take a vacation, or a day off just remember, be transparent and plan your days. It will not only make your client trust you more but keep your mind at ease too!


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