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How to get creative with Instagram Reels

If you're tired of pointing at things or creating dance routines to get your thoughts across, then this post is for you.

I'm going to be frank with you; I didn't jump on Instagram Reels right away. Yes, I knew this was the way Instagram (IG) was growing, and it would be the future of promotions through the platform, but pointing in the air at thought bubbles or solo dance routines wasn't my cup of tea.

DISCLAIMER: There is nothing wrong with this if it works for you.

The platform almost instantly rewards trend followers, repetition and copying. So if you're comfortable - carry on!

What should you do if you don't want to do this?

Focus on your audience and then make the algorithm work for you by creating content that is different.

I know different is no longer awarded the same way it used to be on this platform, however, your goal isn't to be a content creator, it's to run your business. Focus on YOUR audience, YOUR dream clients and what they want to see. Your bottom line is more important than your follower list. As long as you continue to use this platform to make connections vs focusing on the number of followers you have, you will see success. Let's get started ...

1. Find Valuable Content to Discuss

Valuable content will always draw more of your dream clients in. Similar to my blogs, I find topics around branding, business ownership, and inclusivity/diversity that I know my following can relate to or want to learn more about.

Here are some samples:

  • Tips/How to's on a topic that you're an expert in

  • Explain your service/service style/process

  • Tidbits about yourself

  • Fun or motivational quotes

  • Explore your portfolio in a new way

2. Create Beautiful Videos

The platform itself has a lot to offer from stickers, text and more, however, it is not customizable to your branding, and if you know me, everything MUST BE ON BRAND! That's why I use Canva to create my Reels. I'm able to use my brand fonts & colours to create videos that are on brand - even when I'm not in them.

Which is a great segway into my next tip, if you feel like you don't have the space, or capacity to build video content, use stock. I find using stock videos as a background with my brand styling at the forefront, I am able to create beautiful content that attracts my dream client without actually having to hire a camera crew. I use these videos alongside my tools in Canva to build on trendy transitions with my own creative twist. Plus I much rather design on a computer vs my phone - call me old school.

Still not sure about videos? Then use photos! Although Reels is a video tool, many people use photographs to build beautiful transitions that follow trends and get you in front of more eyes!

3. Be Strategic

Just because you're posting a Reel doesn't mean you have to lose the rest of your strategy. Continue to analyze your post times, sourcing the best possible one, ask yourself how things will play out on your Grid or in their Feeds and don't forget to share it in your IG Stories.

Keep in mind Instagram Reels brings in followers, IG Stories & your grid creates engagement and loyal following, so focus on a full Instagram strategy rather than just one piece of the puzzle.

Looking for a deeper dive into Instagram Reels? Visit our basic Guide to Instagram Reels.


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