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How To Create A Successful Vision Board

There is a lot of content on how to build a vision board. You can download free templates, and even buy luxury boards. Over the years I've been influenced and adjusted the way I vision board, but at its core, I always follow the same rules.


Stating my goals for the year, and putting them down on paper (or typing it out) sets a gentle daily reminder of what I'm working towards, while also allowing me to reflect and stay motivated. Whether you look at the science or believe in its magic, my goals are proof that vision boards work.

  1. Break down your goals into sections, here is how I do it...

    1. Personal (for personal growth like health, and wellness)

    2. Relationships (this can be between you and your s/o as well as any other relationships you have in life)

    3. Career (how you see yourself growing, financial goals)

    4. Travel (where you want to explore)

    5. Materials (home, car, wealth, where you want to live)

  2. Write down your intentions for each of these sections - keep it short and to the point. Make them wild but also achievable with action words. For example, I want to start a newsletter and have 30 new subscribers every month.

  3. Find an image that goes with your intentions. For example, if one of your intentions is to travel to Bali, find images of Bali.

  4. Have fun, by adding you're favourite colours, fonts, and quotes. Fill the board, I believe that this is one place that doesn't need negative space. By filling the board I'm attracting abundance in all my goals.

  1. Virtual or tangible - place your vision board where you can see it every day. In your office, on your computer wallpaper - seeing these goals daily helps spark movement.

  2. Don't think of Dec 31st, as your deadline. Some goals take longer. Think of your vision board as something that evolves with you and once you create it just do check-ins on a yearly base, where you adjust it.

  3. Say thank you - take a moment when adjusting your board to say thank you for the ones you accomplished. Gratitude even towards yourself is very important.

  4. This process shouldn't be stressful so have fun with it!

  5. There are no real rules, this is something that needs to speak to you so take guidance but follow your heart.


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