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Growing your business with Instagram Stories

There are so many people I know who want to build their brand but are afraid to jump in front of the camera and tell their everyday stories. Hey - I was the same, but with the rise of video, and now IGTV we know this is where we need to put our effort because it's proven that it:

1. Expands our Followers 2. Moves our business goals forward 3. Engages with our fans - authentically

There is no other marketing platform that allows you to do this for FREE. All you have to do is get over the fear. Now I know when I first started I would ask myself, what's the point, what do I say, do people even care? But that said, I felt the same way about these TipTuesdays and they happen to be one of my most popular posts. So there are people who are interested and want to see the imperfections that make you real. It's important to stay on brand, be professional but even if your profile is perfectly curated with hair, makeup and flashing light its ok for your stories to have you in a top knot bun talking about your product. We all have our curated looks for photo shoots and headshots but we all know no one works like that all the time. When I'm designing I need my hair out of my face and usually am wearing something comfortable, because I know my outfit can fuss around with me on busy days. The point is people are attracted more and more to the authenticity so share it! And if you like dressing up as if you're walking down the runway then do it! The point is to BE YOU because authenticity is what sells!


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