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For the love of lists!

The post long weekend hustle is never fun. I always get overwhelmed and in my head. Even if it's just one extra day off. So what do I do to cure my stress? Make lists.

If you know me you know I have an unhealthy obsession with list making but it helps calm my nerves. So before the long weekend, I had made a list of everything I wanted to do on Tuesday and this morning I realized I had to make some adjustments. You see I don't make simple lists, I actually add a few elements to it. One is 3 things I HAVE to do today.

The next is 5 things I wish to do today but can be rolled over throughout the week and then I have my brain dump which is usually ideas that come to me as I'm making lists, listening to podcast or strolling, these are things that will probably happen in a months time (or maybe even longer).

Making lists has not only helped with my anxiety but also ensures I never miss a deadline or any sort. I love being organized and lists are what help me most -especially after some time off.


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