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Failing has taught me more about success.

A lot of the times we fear failure so much that we don't even try for success. Here's the thing - failure is ok. It's part of the process, and trust me when I say this - people will only focus on your success at the end of the day. If anything I think you should fail a little. What I learned from failure, success could have never taught me.

Whether it's been launching a product under my company name or a service - there have been times where even though everyone in my inner circle was excited - the product itself wasn't doing so well. So I revamped it - still nothing, then I adjusted it some more - all of a sudden I started understanding my clients. They didn't want what I was offering they wanted something similar to it. So I took this as a lesson and relaunched based on the needs discovered. Now the first time I realized I wasn't making money - I could have stopped there, but I didn't and it's not like this all happened in a course of a few days, it was months, maybe even close to a year. You have to give failure time, understand where you're going wrong and make it work to your benefit. How many of you have stopped chasing that dream just because the initial concept didn't work? That's not the way to play the game of life. This doesn't just go for business, but anything - dating, fertility, building a home, whatever your goal allows for failure to happen because that's what is going to teach you how to be successful. .


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