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Collaborate with like-minded people

I met Agnes from Pure Studios back in 2017 a few months after I launched Roop Creative. Although both our businesses are different, they align because our services can easily go hand-in-hand plus we have a similar work ethic and style.

When I launched, I didn't know Agnes, and the crazy thing is I met her after noticing she was working with 2 of my existing clients on IG. From there, I checked out her profile and realized I needed to meet this #girlboss in person. So I slide into her DMs in hopes to network and get to know her better. A simple hello turned into us collaborating to create about 5 “IG for business” seminars and numerous client referrals. None of which I could have imagined when I first messaged her. So my advice, find someone who not only appeals to you and your brand but has a similar work ethic and can really be your friend when you need some business advice. Then collaborate with because joining forces only helps us grow and expand our business!


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