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Choosing Your Business Name

Choosing a brand name doesn't come easy, but there are things you have to consider prior to committing to one. One of the first things I tell my clients to do is a Google search on the name. You might think you're unique but you want to know for sure that there isn't another brand out there with the same name - especially doing the same thing.

Next, you want to ensure you name outlines who you are and a general idea of what you're providing. For example, we offer creative services hence Creative Agency. Our slogan uses the words Branding Boutique though which further explains our mission and services. Another sample would be if you're a Florist you might add the words Floral Studio to your slogan or name. Lastly, is this a name that will not only stand the test of time (don't make it too trendy) but also be something that is memorable? Keep it simple and make sure it's easy to pronounce that's what makes it easy to remember. And don't forget - this brand is your baby, and like baby names, everyone is going to have an opinion, so make sure it's a name you love and you can confidently stand up for.


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