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Business Insight from Attending a Wedding`

The past couple of months have been a whirlwind of fun – between balancing my business, raising a tiny human, and assisting my sister in orchestrating her grand Indian wedding—I was being stretched a little thin. So after that whirlwind ended, I needed some time to recharge.

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This particular wedding marked the final chapter in the Malhotra sister saga, and it was truly one for the records. I planned out everything in my business so that I could disconnect the week of the wedding, I had a stronger grasp on how to manage a toddler and overall my sister hired enough talent to capture moments so that I could put my phone away and just enjoy. Which I did. The crazy planning, the late-night eats and all the dancing (oh, the dancing!). It was refreshing to just be in real life and not care about sharing every detail instantly online. This experience taught me a valuable business lesson: the concern over delayed content or the pressure to instantly jump on trends often pales in comparison to well-thought-out curated content. Prioritizing authenticity over immediate sharing, allows content to truly represent who you are, provide value and have a longer shelf life. Content can be curated and presented thoughtfully without missing out on the essence of real life. This principle applies to branding as well. Consider this: wouldn't you prefer to receive information that sparks insight and adds genuine value? Let that notion simmer the next time you approach your strategy.


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