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Building Content with the Roop Strategy Circle Method

A key aspect of building a successful digital marketing strategy is a method I like to call The Roop Strategy Circle.

What is a Roop Strategy Circle?

This is a method I have been using with my clients for years. Simply put it's all about recycling material within your strategy to fit a certain platform. That means the same content you post on let's say Instagram, can be re-worked for your blog, newsletter and more.

For example, maybe you came to this blog post through my newsletter? Let's trace back your steps.

Perhaps the blurb intrigued you and you wanted to read more. When you clicked the button you landed here on my blog. Now, do you see the connection that was made from my newsletter to my blog?

Because I like to give my subscribers the first look, I'll probably wait about 1-2 weeks and only then, share an Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest post. On each of these platforms, I may adjust the image or caption slightly depending on who I want to attract and what that platform stands for. A platform like LinkedIn may require a more formal caption. Instagram may be a bit more fun and personality-filled. On Pinterest, I may choose to include some information and keywords to increase my SEO. The same can be done on other platforms you may be using like TikTok, Facebook and Twitter.

Each caption and image may vary based on who I'm speaking to and what platform I'm using but the content at its core is the same. Are you starting to see the circle?

What this does is build value around what you're sharing. It brings in different people from different platforms all looking to understand the same information or purchase a similar service/product.

Now, this isn't just for blog content, it goes for any content you create. It also doesn't mean you have to share on every platform every time.

For example, you may create content that works really well for Instagram and Pinterest so you can recycle the same material, attracting different viewers from both platforms who are searching for the same content. However, if this post doesn't mean much to your following on Facebook, you can opt-out sharing there.

Once you create your Roop Strategy Circle, you can judge which content will be shared where. Some cases it may be on all your platforms and others it may just be on a couple.

There also might be some content that remains solely on one platform - and that's ok too.

The Roop Strategy Circle's purpose is to build an online community that is invested in your offer. It builds trust and showcases you as an expert, without you having to fight to create something new on every platform every day.

This method has worked for me and a number of my digital marketing clients, helping them increase their ROI, build a community and standing out as an expert in what they do.


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