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Best Business Advice

Trust your instinct. This is the best advice I received for my business and personal life. It's so easy for us to listen to others, read their opinions, and follow their decisions. But why do we want to make life so easy... and boring?

I remember when I first found out I had thyroid I couldn't figure out why, but later noticed when I didn't speak my truth my throat would kill. It felt like I was choking like something was stuck and I couldn't let it out. Even though physically I seemed fine.

It wasn't until I started to gain the courage to live my life my way, take my business full-time and speak my truth, that this feeling disappeared and funny enough my thyroid seems to balance. Now it's not to say it doesn't happen every now and then - I do find myself going back to old habits and that feeling rising again but I remind myself of the joy I get from living the opposite way. Why not take the path that is uncharted that you crave from the inside. The path that your whole body tells you is right. What are you waiting for? If it's a sign then here, I'll be that sign for you.⁣


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