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Being an Introvert Boss

Make being an introvert work for you! A LOT and I mean A LOT of people get shocked when I tell them I'm an introvert. Yes - you read right. I'm the kind of person who loves me some "me time" - and don't mind being alone. In fact, my favourite time in the week is when I'm in the studio designing by myself! That said, no #girlboss could get away with running a successful brand without going to networking events, or public speaking. So I always knew I had to shift gears. This takes a lot of planning and scheduling. But it's also a path that the universe helped me out with too. When I was 22, I got a job at ATN (Asian Television Network). I was looking to be behind the scenes but they insisted I get in front of the camera. As you can imagine this freaked me out. BUT it was the push I needed. This was about the time Beyonce had released her Sasha Fierce album claiming to have two personalities, one on-screen and one off-screen. So I decided to do the same, there was the at home Puja Malhotra and then there was the on-screen Puja Malhotra (or in my case now the one that building her empire). Creating a "character," not only helped me overcome my fears as an introvert but also helped me step way outside of my comfort zone and not be afraid to make mistakes. Don't get me wrong - I love speaking at events ONCE I'm there, but getting there at times can take a toll on me. Before any networking or speaking engagement, I spend most of my day doing very light work and conserving my energy for the event to come. That's how I balance things and make sure I'm ready to go when the time comes. So if you're sitting there wondering - how she does it? Just know it takes a lot of work and sometimes can take a lot out of someone. Want to know more about how I've overcome this? Let's meet for coffee.


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