• Puja Malhotra

Batch work for entrepreneurs

I can't stress this enough, but batch work and automation is key to running a small business. As entrepreneurs, we wear many hats, especially in the first few months or when you're a one-person show, it gets tough juggling all the aspects of your business. So I'm about to make your life a whole lot easier with 2 simple steps.

First, you want to implement batch work into your social media routine. This will allow you to allocate a few hours to plan out a whole months worth of posts. I like to use the first week of the month, this way I know I'm ready to go and can gear post based on trends and the way I'm feeling.

Another way to batch work is batching your photos, whether this means taking a few outfits to your photoshoots or taking advantage of that good light in the mornings with your iPhone. Try to find times to take a bunch of photos that way when you need content you have it saved in your photo library. Step two is automation - once you have your posts ready select an app that best suits you and set your posts to Auto or Notification. I prefer Notification because things change every minute, so if I want to make adjustments I can. And there you have it a few hours can save you from the daily struggles of figuring out what to post! Wondering what apps I use to help me batch work and automate my business - sign up for your FREE monthly newsletter and I'll tell you in the November issue (and if you're reading this a year from now, know you can sign up for the newsletter today and be granted access to all previous issues for FREE).

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