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Balancing a personal & work account on Instagram

I recently posted the fun questions button on my IG story and someone asked me how I balance both my personal (private) IG account and my Roop Creative Account. Which is a great question especially for new entrepreneurs!

The key is to stick to your brand when it comes to your business accounts. I know I can reject images with my business account because it's carefully curated to have a certain look. That's why I'm not afraid to say no. My end goal is to have a cohesive page. This page is also planned in advance so I know I always have content when I've promised. Overall I treat this account as part of an everyday catalogue to my business. Because I want my business to give off a certain energy that describes the brand, I know the content and images must be set a certain way. When it comes to my personal page, I like to have fun and not think. It's about me showcasing memories, when they happen (so I don't post often). This is something I decided very early on. I wanted to have a page for my friends and families to see what I'm up to. That said if you're selling a lifestyle then you still have to be cohesive but this was a decision I made to help me balence both.


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