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3 Branding Myths Debunked

Just when I think I've heard it all someone surprises me with a new myth, so today I'm taking some time to debunk some famous branding myths I've been seeing online.

1. You don't have to love your branding or logo immediately just launch and can continue to update/change it as you feel fit.

I was actually attending a virtual entrepreneurship class when I heard one of the attendees mention this. As much as I'm all for being a doer vs. a dreamer, I'm also about taking the right steps and following a process that leads to success. Changing your branding consistently is a sure way to make yourself forgettable. Now, I understand that sometimes a rebrand is necessary. The business you launched years ago may have evolved and you need branding that looks the part. However, this doesn't mean you can update your colours, logo or font palette every other day or as your mood tells you to.

By creating branding and visual identity with care through a proven process, you're taking time to understand who your business is and how you want it to be perceived. When you create a brand that you love and it's consistently showcased across all platforms you build on client loyalty, trust and make yourself memorable.

2. Brand development is just creating a logo OR I don't need it all I just need the logo.

Your logo is only a small part of your overall brand. Brand development looks into your visual identity (colour, font and style palettes) while also setting a tone. These elements come together to build your visual brand and help you set the tone for the way you communicate on and offline. This is exactly how you build an authentic brand experience across platforms.

3. Your branding should be fun and trendy!

Your branding can be fun - if that's the tone you want to set, but it doesn't have to be. There are several brands out there that are successful in their industry being conservative and catering to their niche client. Your branding has to be based on the product or service style you want to provide to your ideal clients.

As much as I love the idea of hopping on the latest Instagram trend to expose your business, your brand shouldn't be trendy. Generally, when someone takes the route of being trendy vs. authentic they find themselves rebranding very quickly as they are no longer attracting their dream clients. Your brand needs to speak to your ideal client, product/service and your "why."

Even if blush pink is in fashion - and you're more of a bold red lover, I recommend sticking to who you are. This allows you to build a brand that you're consistently proud to share PLUS what makes you unique is what will make you stand out of the crowd. Dive deep into who you want this brand to be rather than trying to do what everyone else is doing.


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